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What is Powdered Brows Process and Techniques- Alex International Beauty Academy & Skin Clinic

The powdered brows process, also known as powder brows, ombre brows, or shaded brows, is a semi-permanent makeup technique that creates a soft, powdery effect similar to eyebrow makeup powder or pencil. This method is popular for its natural look and long-lasting results. Here’s an overview of the process and techniques involved: Process The process […]

10 Career Options in Beauty Industry- Alex International Beauty Academy in Ludhiana

The beauty industry is diverse and offers a range of career options for individuals with various interests and skills. Here are 10 career options in the beauty industry These are just a few examples, and the beauty industry continues to evolve, providing opportunities for individuals with diverse talents and interests. It’s important to stay updated […]

How to get the Top Class Beauty Salon Treatments at Reasonable Price?

Do you want to pamper and lookout of yourself? Then you want to take a while out for yourself and visit your friendly neighborhood salon at your earliest. The salon is your one-stop shop if you would like to urge hold of effective beauty and skin care treatments. You will get high quality salon treatments […]